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What problems is WebriQ Studio solving

clock-iconMay 19, 2022

What problems is WebriQ Studio solving

Not too long ago, WebriQ was essentially positioned as a service company leveraging the most modern web building techniques and platforms to provide our customers and especially their customers with a digital experience worth the name. Besides being a service company, we always had the ambition to bootstrapping niche applications such as WebriQ Studio, WebriQ Forms, and WebriQ Payment Forms.

A Little Bit of History

So how did this idea of building WebriQ Studio come to fruition? Back in 2016, we decided to abandon monolithic content management systems and focused on building websites and web apps on what the founders of Netlify coined as the Jam stack. A lot of learning was involved and the tools available at that time were scarce and almost uniquely focused on front-end developers. There was a lot of trial and error involved and plenty of groping in the dark. Frustrations accompanied successful launches.

However, in the last five years, the Jamstack ecosystem has grown to a decent size. All the vendors involved, the products that were developed and launched, as well as the marketing campaigns that were launched have one single target - the developer.

And whereas that is absolutely fine in the early years of the ecosystem, it needs to evolve into a mainstream technology stack adopted by marketers, digital marketers, business people and key decision-makers.

Marketers are not waiting for the next technology wave nor are they waiting for a new technology stack to emerge. They are not interested in finding out what best-of-breed technologies are or what composable commerce is all about.

Marketers are looking for ready-to-go products that enable them to publish content seamlessly, quickly, and in collaboration with teammates. They are looking for ease of use and ease of operation.

And lastly, they are looking for products that are flexible and decently supported by the vendor.

Forging Forward with WebriQ Studio

What marketers and website owners need have always resonated with us and that is what we built with WebriQ Studio. WebriQ Studio is a flexible web publishing platform that enables marketing teams to manage, edit and publish various content blocks in a stress-free manner. It also allows the coordination of named components at will and at scale on any website.

The end goal of the product is to enable marketing teams to deliver relevant content to their customers right when they need it

Integration - How Does W-Studio Fit into the Big Picture?

The next question we needed to answer is where could WebriQ Studio fit in a crowded market of CMS systems of all colors and flavors, open-source and closed-source technologies, easy to use and not so easy to use? WebriQ Studio has the capability to build personalized digital experiences, and whereas there is a need for that on almost all digital assets owned by companies, the best fit for our products is with Microsites.

A microsite is obviously smaller than a corporate website, but it has a larger application than landing pages.

In a microsite, the UX is in the detail. With less information to distract users on a microsite, companies can provide more detail on each product and its reason for being.

Some sites are overcrowded and this seriously affects the navigation of the site. This makes it difficult to complete the action users came to achieve lowering conversions.

A microsite solves the issue by offloading product categories from the primary website, to another more streamlined and specific site. The more targeted the site, the more likely people are to be engaged by it.

With a clear understanding of a smaller user group, call to action and content can be tailored to increase interaction and user experience satisfaction. Creating a microsite for one product can allow you to become a specialist in that domain.

Having a stronger position in one market can then strengthen the entire brand allowing for more risk without damaging alternative brand extensions.

How Did We Pull this Off Technology Wise?

WebriQ Studio needed to comply with the MACH philosophy. Build around Microservices and APIs, Cloud-native and Headless. It needs to be seamless to use and operate. All components used in the products need to have an open-source philosophy.

So we came out with four major components:

  1. Sanity and Sanity Studio for the headless CMS
  2. Nextjs as the production framework
  3. Serverless forms and payment forms through AWS
  4. Netlify for the entire publishing workflow and Edge functionality

Let's also focus a bit more on the content schema put together for WebriQ Studio.

The content schema is prebuilt and serves as the core of the publishing tool and as the only UI that users need to learn and understand.

For each page you build, you can choose from 20 different components and each component has 5 different variables.

Examples of pre-configured components are Navigation, Header, Footer, Text, Call to action, Testimonial, Portfolio, FAQs, Blog, and more.

Each page with a distinct URL can be populated with one or multiple components. All components can be reused in other pages and all components that are uniquely tagged are updated throughout all pages when content updates are done to that component. All components can be uniquely designed and branded through a Windtail CSS library.

All pages can be previewed before publishing.

SEO settings can be done on all pages separately and there is an SEO preview functionality embedded.

Last but not least, we provide the possibility to publish your WebriQ Studio to any TLD or subdomain of choice and all WebriQ Studios are de facto integrated with WebriQ analytics.

Focusing on Customer Success

As a bootstrapped company we focus on customer success, lifestyle, and profitability instead of solely focusing on growth and valuation.

Without the VC's model's incentive and pressure, it allows us to be independent and extremely price-conscious. At the same time, we can stay in control over our technology platform and focus on critical user-centric measurements.

With WebriQ's core competencies at play and with WebriQ Studio, building a microsite for successful online marketing and branding needs is at your fingertips.