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Redefine your digital journey with a platform that reshapes your monolithic code, broadcasts content across digital channels, and tailors itself to your unique business model.

Headless CMS

Separating design from functionality lets you create bespoke digital experiences, delivering precisely what your audience desires, right when and where it matters most

  • iconUnleash your creative potential
  • iconDeliver tailored content
  • iconPreview and Collaborate

React Framework

Server-side rendering with the power of JavaScript, unlocking lightning-fast load times and ensuring SEO optimization without the usual complexities.

  • iconIntuitive routing system
  • iconCraft dynamic pages
  • iconMaintain code elegance

Continuous Deployment

Continuous integration merges code changes frequently. Continuous deployment automates software releases, ensuring rapid, consistent delivery from development to production.

  • iconDeploy from GIT
  • iconVisual editing updates
  • iconDeploy at scale

Enterprise Infrastructure

To guarantee speed, reliability, and global reach, all deployments are routed through a High available top-tier CDN (Content Delivery Network).

  • iconContent is delivered instantly
  • iconOptimized performance
  • iconEnhanced user satisfaction


  • iconAI assistant through OpenAI GPT 3.5 and GPT 4
  • iconServerless Forms and Payment Forms
  • iconAll major E-commerce Platforms
  • iconAny API-based part of your marketing stack

StackShift is DISRUPTIVE


  • bullet-iconEndless inconsistent campaigns
  • bullet-iconFixed templates
  • bullet-iconPoor user experience, slow page load
  • bullet-iconSeparate content for different channels
  • bullet-iconComplicated website architecture
  • bullet-iconScattered advertising results
  • bullet-iconLengthy process of setting campaigns


  • bullet-iconConsistent digital experience
  • bullet-iconComposable and re-usable building blocks
  • bullet-iconEdge storage for increased page load speed
  • bullet-iconCMS with real-time editing and preview
  • bullet-iconMobile responsiveness and industry-leading accessibility
  • bullet-iconNo plugins, just APIs
  • bullet-iconNo dev-ops

The Headless Marketing Show

LATEST EPISODESeason 1, Ep. 14
Compose Your Technology Around Your Business

A discussion on composable commerce with Matt Vandermolen of Valtech

clock-iconAugust 09, 2023

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