WebriQ Studio

Composable Content and Commerce Out-of-the-Box

Composable Content and Commerce Glued Together into One Single Workflow

Structured Content

Structure sets content free. When you break content into its smallest reasonable pieces and treat it as data, it can be arranged and expressed on any web page, app, feed, or product. Your audience will always get a relevant, dynamic experience.


Structured data stored in a Content Lake

A content lake makes it possible for anyone in the organization to access and analyze data, regardless of their technical expertise. This can lead to more informed decision-making and a more data-driven culture.


Infrastructure designed for Enterprises

  1. High performance Edge Network
  2. 99.99% uptime SLA
  3. Unrivaled speed

Composable Commerce through C-Studio

Deliver exceptional Ecommerce experiences to every device and location



  1. GPT-3 and GPT-4 – in order to perform a wide variety of natural language tasks
  2. Serverless Forms and Payment Forms
  3. All major Ecommerce Platforms
  4. Any API-based part of your marketing stack.

WebriQ Studio is DISRUPTIVE


  • bullet-iconEndless inconsistent campaigns
  • bullet-iconFixed templates
  • bullet-iconPoor user experience, slow page load
  • bullet-iconSeparate content for different channels
  • bullet-iconComplicated website architecture
  • bullet-iconScattered advertising results
  • bullet-iconLengthy process of setting campaigns


  • bullet-iconConsistent digital experience
  • bullet-iconComposable and re-usable building blocks
  • bullet-iconEdge storage for increased page load speed
  • bullet-iconCMS with real-time editing and preview
  • bullet-iconMobile responsiveness and industry-leading accessibility
  • bullet-iconNo plugins, just APIs
  • bullet-iconNo dev-ops

The Headless Marketing Show

LATEST EPISODESeason 1, Ep. 13
Focus On The Customer - That's How You Win

Our guest Michael C Lamb talks about what he sees a lot of companies miss. They have company experiences and not customer experiences. He sees many firms deploy experiences with all these things put up in front of the user that doesn't bring value to the customer and that causes friction.

clock-iconAugust 08, 2022

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