Deliver relevant content to your customers right when they need it.

WebriQ Studio powers microsites with audience-specific content


Microsite publishing platform for audience-specific content

  • bullet-iconUnlimited microsite marketing campaigns in one tool and for one price
  • bullet-iconReal-time team collaboration without locking or overwriting
  • bullet-iconInstant as you type previews
  • bullet-iconReusable content blocks across all of your digital channels
  • bullet-iconPaste formatted text from Google docs, Word and the web
  • bullet-iconWorks on all touch devices


Commerce Marketing without limits - a single source of truth for all your products and services

  • bullet-iconComposable commerce platform with custom built-in tools according to your needs
  • bullet-iconData-driven personalized experiences across all digital touchpoints
  • bullet-iconSeamless integration with your apps and enterprise software systems
  • bullet-iconEdge storage of your content for extremely fast page load
  • bullet-iconReady to use CMS with all your content stored on a cloud
  • bullet-iconProfessional support from WebriQ team

Why WebriQ Studio


  • bullet-iconEndless inconsistent campaigns
  • bullet-iconFixed templates
  • bullet-iconPoor user experience, slow page load
  • bullet-iconSeparate content for different channels
  • bullet-iconComplicated website architecture
  • bullet-iconScattered advertising results
  • bullet-iconLengthy process of setting campaigns


  • bullet-iconConsistent digital experience
  • bullet-iconComposable building blocks
  • bullet-iconEdge storage for increased page load speed
  • bullet-iconReady-to-use CMS
  • bullet-iconNo plugins, just APIs
  • bullet-iconUnified analytics across all digital channels
  • bullet-iconEasy to use platform for all marketing campaigns

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