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Top 5 Problems Web Agencies Face When It Comes to Web Development

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clock-iconMay 19, 2019

Problem #1: Development is complex and risky.

Clients today ask for much more then just "brochure" style websites. They want increasingly sophisticated websites, E-commerce and all kinds of third-party software integrations and more to come.

With an increasing number of web hacks, and security incidents, your clients need to have a guarantee that all of the websites your agency delivers are secure and fully reliable.

Web development is also in a transition phase - from a very monolithic approach with platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal just to name a few to a very decentralized approach with Javascript as the key development language that drives any web and web APPS development. The transition will make it harder for you as an agency to deliver on new projects, it will endanger the profitability of your projects and it could very well lead to a lot of frustrations for your clients and your organization.

Problem #2: Staffing programmers is difficult.

Many agencies have in-house developers. The advantage is pretty obvious. The developer is part of the team and can be hands-on for every customer project. Programming and developing requires a broad range of skills and expertise, and one or two persons can typically not do the job. Trends are shifting, technologies evolve and change, as do development platform preferences, even completely new technology stacks like JAMStack arise. In-house developers are typically heads down, spitting code for your customers, and they have the time to learn new technologies or new stacks. In-house developers are on the payroll and can not be cut in half.

Problem #3: Outsourcing to freelancers is exhausting.

There are professional, reliable freelancers available to help you with web development, horror stories about coordinating freelancers are more frequent. Challenges include projects not delivered on time, missed deadlines, stolen ideas, and disappearances for weeks at time. Perhaps most importantly, using a series of freelancers results in inconsistent code that is difficult to support and manage over time and can lead to additional web development problems.

While freelancers can give your organization the ability to scale to meet your clients’ web build needs; it typically also requires a ton of your staff’s time to manage the project. Additionally, it often means finding multiple freelancers so that you have the skill sets you need as well as the availability since you never know when a freelancer will have another large project from a different client.

Problem #4: Your core focus is on design/marketing.

Your core area of expertise is bringing your clients fantastic creative work and smart marketing strategies.

While your team has the creative vision for your clients’ website, it can be difficult to accurately scope and budget the programming. Combined with gaps in correctly managing the development process, the result is scope creep, overages, and lost profits. Worst of all, your team gets bogged down in work that it doesn’t really want to do.

Problem #5: You don’t want to deal with website maintenance.

A website is a dynamic and evolving marketing resource. As the business of your client grows, so will their website. New functionality will be added, product launches, landing pages etc. -- the website needs continuous maintenance and updating. This is an ongoing process, that involves content editors, designers and developers on flexible programs so that you can serve a multitude of customer demands.

Maintenance is easy to overlook or consider or to be a simple or mundane thing until it isn't. Miss management in this area can cost your agency time and resources that aren't compensated for, or worse, poor maintenance can cost your agency a customer.

The solution to your Web Development Headaches - WebriQ Goes Mad Agency Program

We pioneered the JamStack

Having built hundreds of websites on the LAMP Stack, we decided to abandon the LAMP Stack in favour of the JAMStack in early 2016. We have been developing and deploying JAMStack websites for over three years now. With a dedicated APP, we have been able to build, develop, update and manage hunderds of sites.

In this model we are using a Static Site Generator to develop the site, a GIT based CMS system to update the content and a Github repository to store all HTML, CSS and Javascript files. GIT files are pushed to a CDN network.

Whereas this model does fit well for most smaller projects, it has it's shortfalls when it comes to larger projects or projects with a need for frequent content updates and updates made by a variety of users, content writers and third party contributions. We have therefore successfully integrated our workflow with enterprise grade headless CMS Systems such as Sanity and Strapi

Solution to your staffing challenges

We have an entire team of designers, developers, content editors and customer relationship staff. We use the most advanced tools when it comes to corporate communication, project management and helpdesk software. We keep up to date with all the latest web development trends and can meet even the most demanding customer demands.

Unique JAMStack Application.

Wouldn't it be nice to have all the web development activities in one dashboard for all your customers. That is what the WebriQ JAMStack APP does.

All the websites of your clients in one single dashboard. Features like DNS settings, SSL settings, Google Analytics, WebriQ Analytics, WebriQ Forms, Headless or GIT based content management system, website performance data are all part of this unique application.


We have years of experience building unique, feature-rich websites, and understand how to implement the latest and greatest in ways that are fast, mobile first, reliable and secure. We provide quality maintenance and support to ensure all of your angency customers' websites are secure and provide ongoing support for you and your client. Changes, updates, revisions, new features, and even training are all no problem!

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Agency Program and Channel Partnership opportunities.