Progressive Web APPS - Next step in Responsive Web Design

By Philippe Bodart | Created on April 24, 2017

Smashing Magazine, one of the largest and most influential online publications for web design, posted that their website was “now running as a Progressive Web App.

Wordpress hacking spree sees more then 1 million web pages defaced

By Philippe Bodart | Created on February 13, 2017

A hacking spree has seen tonnes and tonnes of Wordpress blogs defaced, and probably caused a lot of people to try and remember their password so that they can log in and check whether they have been affected.

CMS-functionality for static websites

By Philippe Bodart | Created on January 3, 2017

I just dumped my old web CMS, got the hang of a static site generator, and really like the simple, lightweight and maintenance-free feel of it... would I ever revert back

New features WebriQ CMS

By Philippe Bodart | Created on November 14, 2016

With a new markdown editor that anyone can use, our CMS system is now ready for non-technical people looking to manage and update their Static website through Github repositories

Is it time to give up on your WordPress site?

By Philippe Bodart | Created on November 9, 2016

WordPress is turning into the security equivalent of Swiss cheese, it may be time to stop using WordPress online and start to use technology stack that are far more secure.

E-commerce Design Trends that Will Rule in 2017

By Lucy Barret | Created on October 10, 2016

Here’s how I sum up this year: We gave a single phrase explanation to all our design and development fads (cough User-Experience cough) and have now arrived at a point where almost every design looks the same as the one before it.

Web Design and development Trends for 2017

By Philippe Bodart | Created on September 23, 2016

What are the major web design and web development trends for the coming year 2017

Differences between Static and Dynamic Websites

By Philippe Bodart | Created on September 18, 2016

A summary of the main differences between Dynamic websites, build with tools like Wordpress and Static websites build with tools like WebriQ CMS

CMS system for managing Static Websites

By Jason | Created on August 11, 2016

WebriQ CMS is a single page app that helps you create a clean and user-friendly User Interface for editing content stored in your GIT repository.

Get WebriQ Certified

By Philippe Bodart | Created on August 3, 2016

Get Certified with WebriQ CMS system for building and managing Static Pages

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