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Why HTML5 & Bootstrap Are Key Elements To Develop Websites

clock-iconFebruary 20, 2017

With world-class features and an extravagant UI, HTML has acquired a web presence that is hard to get replaced. It does not involve the usage of third party applications and this is one reason that makes it an appealing choice for crafting mobile and web apps. However, to create professionally-rich websites, HTML5 should be used in combination with Bootstrap. Listed below are some reasons that thoroughly explain the role of HTML5 and Bootstrap to develop websites.

In an attempt to make front-end web development faster, Bootstrap is reckoned for extensive features. It easily and efficiently scales your website and applications with a single code base.

Top 5 reasons to use Bootstrap:

  • Responsiveness

The growth of mobile devices has been continuing year after year. The need to have a responsive website is becoming increasingly important.

Bootstrap’s fluid grid layout has made the process of creating mobile ready websites a piece of cake. Mobile ready websites created with Bootstrap dynamically adjust to the proper screen resolution that ensures to give it a consistent look on all devices including smartphones, tablets and browsers.

Bootstrap 4.0 presents a grid system that offers better support to mobile devices.

  • Consistency

Bootstrap was initially designed as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Designed with lesser coding being involved, Bootstrap is a framework that makes it compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

  • Quick and easy customization

Bootstrap gives designers the complete freedom to edit, create and modify websites as per business requirements. The presence of quick and easy customization further enhances business productivity.

  • Huge community support

With a huge community support in hand, Bootstrap can usually help when you run into issues. The framework is being continuously updated and the developers have been really good at upgrading it with timely updates.

  • Inbuilt functions

Equipped with a list of amazing functions, Bootstrap helps the developers use every feature efficiently. It also allows developers to design varied complex applications of all types of businesses. It does not require coding or integration, which, in turn, boosts productivity by making the process less tedious.

Top reasons to use HTML5 for web development

  • Compatibility with devices and browsers

HTML5 is compatible with the latest versions of browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, however, each browser does not support HTML5 elements. Whenever a new element is introduced, it is not supported by all web browsers, however, the programmers can simply define the doctype to convey information about elements to the browser.

  • Better site accessibility

ARIA and semantic tags like < header >, < footer >, < nav > make it easier for readers to access your website content. As the screen readers can read the content, users avail optimized experience.

  • Better user experience

A website must allow users to interact with the content instead of simply reading the information posted on it. HTML5 development services allow boosting user interaction using the < canvas > tag. Use of tags enables users to interact with the website content and encourages them to visit your website on a regular basis.

  • Generation of better forms

HTML5 makes it easier for developers to create simple and intuitive forms for web browsers and mobile devices. While accessing the website on a mobile device, users find it difficult to submit information through the form. It also makes it easier for users to fill in forms on mobile devices.

Wrapping it up:

With improved accessibility and support for both mobile and web, the combination of HTML5 with Bootstrap promises websites with superb designs and functionality. These technologies open up the gateway to success on the web with websites that stand the test of time.


The blog has been penned by Nola Arney a web developer working with HTMLPanda. She has a keen interest in writing the articles & blogs to share important concepts related to the development and designing of the web app, mobile application and responsive website. All her posts are the best source of inspiration for many application developers from all around the world.