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Websites As A Service Is The Answer To High-Quality Business Websites On A Budget

clock-iconApril 30, 2020

    Here is what some of our customers are saying about WebriQ in general and Websites as a Service more particularly.

    _WebriQ exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the process, results, and value. Most website companies require that you have everything designed and written before they’ll develop it, and usually changes are limited in number and due at specific times. This process is incredibly flexible and conducive to small business owners who need to work on it incrementally as time allows and ideas develop gradually. They took my concepts and vague descriptions and executed on every level, from logo changes to layout and navigational tweaks. They held my hand the whole way through. The WebriQ team is friendly, crazy-fast, and knowledgeable. This is your answer for low-budget, high quality websites. Stoked!

    WebriQ Goes Mad has been amazing transitioning our website for us. We have a large site that was migrated over successfully, they have great customer service, listen to our needs, and have amazing pricing. We are stoked to have their help and support for all of our website needs.

    WebriQ has helped us think seriously about our web presence and then, with the help of his team, executed a website that meets our objectives. His thoughtful questioning during the onboarding process enabled us to condense our core business into succint, clear messaging that will resonate with potential clients. I can highly recommend WebriQ to anyone looking for a valuable web partner to push their business forward._

    The phrase that should stick with most entrepreneurs, business owners and even corporation is that our processes and services are extremely flexible and that any website, small or big is a constant work in progress. Ideas develop and change and with a service you are not restricted to any time line, your designs and content can evolve over time. At the end of the day you have the service of a web agency at fees that are comparable to Free lance web developer. But with websites as a service you have access to a pool of designers and developers. Freelancers are usually specialized - they are either good designers or good developers, rarely both. That would mean you need 2 freelancers to run the project effectively. Web agencies are marketing and design-driven and have a small staff of developers in-house. Some of them are outsourcing the development of the web project, which gives you very little insights on how your entire project comes together and what development tools are used for your project. With Websites as a Service (WSaaS), you have access to a pool of designers and web developers, and this on a permanent basis. A service company will have web developers that are specialized in mobile design, mobile development, UI design, payment gateways to name a few. You are no longer depending on one or two individuals to run your web project.

    Once your new or revamped website is live under your own domain, it is critical to have access to the same pool of designers and developers through a helpdesk. Your website is a bunch of code after all, and sometimes it has bugs or it breaks. Not entirely perhaps, but certain functionality may cause errors on your website. Needless to say that your reputation as a company is at stake. What do you do though?? Freelancers can help you, but you will have to negotiate and pay up. Your web agency can help, but the likelihood that they accept the fault is theirs is minimal - so negotiating and paying up can be an annoying process. Best case you have a service contract, you call the contractor and the fix can be done. But don’t be fooled, even in the latter case, it can take time and additional pay ups before it is done. In an ‘as a Service’ model, you just submit a ticket to the Helpdesk and your issue will be fixed within hours, and as part of your service contract, no questions asked. And you will chat, email or speak to humans who can immediately relate to your query.

    The helpdesk can even be useful for more trivial tasks like content updates. Sure you could manage it yourselves through our different content management systems, but why bother, just submit your requests to the helpdesk and the “as service” will take care of the rest, again no questions asked and no limitations to the content updates.

    Who should use Websites as a Service (WSaaS)

    A better question to ask is who should not use Websites as a Service.

    In the end, I believe that all web projects should ultimately be run ‘as a Service’, not as a project. Smaller companies may need to outsource the Service entirely to a third party, bigger organizations will surely have the capacity to insource some of the Service aspects of the web project, such as design updates, content updates, and technology updates.

    Every respectable company wants a complete working, up to date and always on website. Only a service model can guarantee you that, and whether you opt for a complete outsourced model or a hybrid where you insource certain elements of the service is depending on your own in-house resources. If you have not covered all your service bases upfront, your web project will be exposed to errors, downtime, and fixes that will take time and money, and most importantly a potential loss of customer reputation and loss of revenue.

    Seeing and using is believing

    We have worked very hard in the last months, to give writers, editors, and basically anyone that is involved in updating and managing content on a website the chance to experience a Content Management System (CMS) for the JAMstack.

    Go to WebriQ Sandbox invite. You will receive an email with all the login details for your WebriQ Sandbox account. The Sandbox account is an exact replica of what a live website will look like, and it is an exact replica of how you will be able to manage, update and publish content on your website. All this without the stress of breaking the code or breaking the bank.

    Just write away, and let us know what you think.