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The Best Colorado Springs Web Design Integrates the Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

clock-iconJune 26, 2018

An article published by the LLC University outlined the many requirements of starting a business in Colorado. One of these is starting a website once all the necessary requisites are completed.

According to founder Matt Horwitz, “Having a website these days is almost a prerequisite to success. It gives your company a professional feel and allows people to learn about your products and services.”

This makes Colorado Springs web design services more important than ever.


If you already have a business website, good for you.

If you don't have one yet, get right on having a website made.

For both situations, it is important to integrate design and development features that will make your website search engine friendly. It must have strong foundations for search engine optimization (SEO), a process that will make it easier for your business to be found on the web, especially on the crowded and highly competitive virtual marketplace.

It must follow a Responsive Web Design where your website changes according to the users’ screen size. This will improve the customer experience of the many people who use different mobile devices to access the web.

Basics of an SEO-friendly Colorado Springs Web Design

Make sure your most important content is indexable.

It should be in HTML text format so that crawlers can easily crawl your website and interpret your content. This will result in better performance in search engine listings.

Set links in proper order.

Think of it this way, if you are looking for a specific page, you will follow a set of directions that will take you to your goal. If your access to that page is hindered, you would abandon your search. What if that page’s content is golden?

This is why it is important for all pages in your website, especially the critical ones, to be accessed by crawlers through a crawlable link structure.

A reliable provider of Web design in Colorado will include in their list of web design services development of a proper site navigation structure that will lead the way for crawlers to find every page that matters

Use the right keywords.

With a fundamental role in the search process, keywords that you want to target must be featured in your website content.


These keywords should be based on the search terms that people use when looking for your products or services. If you're selling dog collar, for example, you should include the term "dog collar" in your content to increase your chance of ranking in the search results.

Make sure the title tag is relevant.

Title tags provide an accurate and concise description of the content of a page. This is critical to both SEO and user experience and should be structured accordingly.

  • Make the first 65 to 75 characters count by writing the most important stuff first.
  • Use keywords and place them close to the front.
  • Mention your brand name to increase brand awareness.
  • Write a title tag that is descriptive, readable, and invokes an emotional response.

Use Meta tags wisely.

Meta tags provide crawlers with commands on what to do, such as noindex if you want to exclude a page from the index and nofollow if you want certain links on the page hidden.

Use the right URL structure.

Make sure the URL you use have a positive impact on click-through and visibility. It should be descriptive, short, contains keywords, static, and employs empathy. If words need to be separated in the URL, use hyphens.

Avoid and check for duplicate content.

Duplicate content results in lower rankings in search results. So, check for duplicate content and use canonicalization to organize content and ensure that every unique content has only one URL.

Trust WebriQ for your website design and development.

We offer Web design as a service (WDaas) and takes into account the features that make for an SEO-ready website. As a WDaas business, we create stunning websites with enhanced mobile performance.

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