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Web Design as a Service: 5 Types of Services Businesses Need for Profit and Growth

clock-iconJuly 17, 2018

The internet is the most powerful platform any business owner can use as leverage over competitors. However, utilizing this power does not always guarantee success. Although the web is vast and almost unrestricting - marketing, when applied online, still maintains its rules.

The right, if not perfect web design, has several technical layers. But you don’t need to integrate every single one. For you, we’ve listed 5 of the most important web design services that your business needs.


No-Sweat Tricks/Features for Responsive Web Design

A clever, commanding homepage - Your visitors will appreciate a homepage that shows a clear message of what your business is about. It does not need to be over the top - engaging visuals, the right information, and a message about why visitors should care are enough.

Pro tip: always think like a visitor when you’re revamping your website. Ask questions like, “What would I want to know or experience when I get on the homepage?”

Quality content - Great content is as important as eye-catching visuals. A colorful website is not as valuable as a website that offers meaningful content. The more content quality you have, the higher you rank among search engines. The higher you rank, the more traffic will pour through to your website. Regular and relevant content can get users to visit more often.

Pro tip: Hire a professional content creator, content marketer, or a copywriter!

User-friendly design - Visitors can get frustrated with a website that’s hard to navigate. Having to zoom in and out of pages is not a very pleasant experience as well. For your website, everything that the visitor needs to access should be easy to find and loads promptly.

Users will love you if you have all these visible: products/services offered and their costs, business information (contact, hours, location), payment options, and most importantly the FAQ page. Your FAQ can and will eliminate the extra time your visitor needs to arrive to a purchase decision.

Clear contact info - If one thing should repeat across your pages, then it should be your contact info. Visitors often want to communicate directly with you or any of your representatives, and presenting them with the option to do so conveys trust and professionalism. You can even accommodate real-time queries by providing a live chat feature.

Call to action (CTA) - Customers need a bit of encouragement or positive prodding at the end of their website experience. Your CTA shouldn’t be too forceful or dictating. Simply present them with options such as “request a quote”, “email or contact for questions”, or “fill out this application”.

A sense of direction will give you more traffic, increased exposure, and perhaps increased sales and growth!

Web Design as a Service: WebriQ Is Here to Serve You Better


One necessary marketing rule falls on the user’s visual and firsthand experience of the company’s website. This is called web design. Colorado and practically everywhere else across the country has companies offering web design as a service, but our team at WebriQ can provide you just about anything you need.

We have comprehensive understanding and experience when it comes to responsive web design. For your Colorado Springs web design needs or if you’re based somewhere else, we’ve got you covered! Check out the services we offer, browse through our pricing, or receive an online quote.