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UX Design Trends to Follow for Your Website

clock-iconJune 21, 2017

Web designing has been shifted to a new level in recent past. Web designing trends are changing rapidly. A website being designed today will follow a totally different trend than a website built a year ago. The web designing field has become more and more dynamic with the evolution of the internet. New design trends keep coming out of the box very frequently.

You have to be aware of these web design trends while designing your website. It may help you to stay ahead of your competitors. Here is a list of some very useful design trends which can help you in meeting the user expectations, have a look at these design trends:

A Flatter Design

The Flat design has never lost its worth even after the rise of new design trends in the industry. It is a moderate outlining procedure and comes well along with the responsive design. The most recent form even acknowledges the utilization of long shadows imparting more utility to Flat design. Some people also call it Flat Design 2.0 as it is an upgraded adaptation of the past one. One of the standout point about the flat design is that it is easy to read on mobile devices. A number of websites are being launched with a flat design these days and you may also follow this trend for your website.

Better Use of Typography

Typography matters a lot as it helps you to attain the visitors attention. It is not just about designing the letters, it can enhance the overall design element of your site. Typography affects the mood and perception of the users. Typography can be more colorful and creative, it must make a statement. There are a number of fonts which can be downloaded from the web or you can also take the help of your designer to customize the typography.

A Design rich in Animations

Using animations is very much in fashion design trend. It is an effective way to engage the users. Properly used animations can make the user experience better.

Some large scale Animations like parallax scrolling effect or pop-up notifications can be used as an interaction tool to have more impact on the users. Moreover, Loading animations are getting really popular for the flat design. They provide a delightful experience to the visitors.

Responsive Design

There are a lot of mobile internet users at the present time. This fact has given rise to the popularity of a Responsive design. Now it has become like a basic need for the websites to have a mobile responsive design. The user may use any of the devices like a PC, Tablet or a mobile and the website has to fit all of them simultaneously. So your website must have a responsive design which can fit all the screen sizes. Moreover, the responsive design of your website will improve its chances to rank higher in the search engine rankings.

Card like Layouts

If you are going to have an eCommerce site then Card design may provide you a way to organize the products in a precise and easy to use manner. Card like layout is an emerging design trend and has secured its place with the designers. It provides a user-friendly interface and helps the user to get the relevant information at a glance. It allows you to divide the content to the cards which improve the navigation and provides an enhanced user experience. Moreover, you can differentiate the topics easily. One more important factor associated with this trend is that it is a component of the Google's Material design.

Interactive Storytelling

This is a design trend which has gained increasing popularity in past few years. It includes the use of graphics and text to explain something. It makes it impressive to showcase the benefits of a product or a service or to tell your visitors about your company. Although it requires the right balance between the graphics and the text, it can highlight the features in an impressive way.

Background Images

High-quality images in the background is already a popular trend these days. Using custom images can give a personal touch to your website and helps in increase the user engagement on your site. It also allows your to give a refreshing look to your plain looking website.

Hover Effects

Hover effects define the active elements of your website visually. It highlights the active elements by shadow effect or animation and makes it clear for a user where to click.

However, it is an important factor to put the animation at right places to keep your site smooth.

Hidden Main Menus

There is no doubt that for any kind of user interface Menus are one of the most important aspects. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to show them prominently to the users. As the web designing is going through a different phase, Hidden main menus are gaining more popularity among the users as well as the designers. Hidden menus were originally designed for the mobiles but it got popular as a desktop design too. There are of a great use and help you to remove a lot of mess from your site.

Motion Animations

This is a one of the coolest new trends in web designing. Motion animation helps to draw more user attention as the natural tendency of our eye to attracting towards the motion. It is an effective way of product demonstration.

Keep it simple and Minimalist

This is something which is done by a lot of people to ensure a fast loading speed of the website. If your site is not overloaded with graphics it is going to use comparatively less bandwidth and will also load faster. It helps you to provide a great user experience to your visitors.

Material design

Material Design focuses on dynamism. It is based on 3D and uses the concept of shadow effects. It brings a charm of some graphical elements to the design. It enables you to create a create a beautiful and more user friendly interface.

You can include some of these trends while designing your website and provide a flawless browsing to your visitors.

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