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The Simplest Definition Ever To Unravel The Mystery Of UX Design

clock-iconJune 21, 2017

God! That's a lot of data to assimilate. Well, all in all, to survive in this highly competitive business we need a website that is visually striking, fast, and renders a great user experience. Now as the competition is getting feistier, developers are coming up with new developments that can deliver quite a great user experience to the users. One of the trending things is UX and UI. These two terms that apparently appear to have similar meaning, but actually are quite different from each other. A lot of people in the very business take these term to be similar. Well, I must say that it is not the case and if you think so, then you can read along unveil the terms.

What is the simplest definition?

Well, it can be complex for people such as in HR department, to know what exactly is the difference between a user experience and user interface. So, I came up with a hitting -on-someone concept. Let's us suppose you met a handsome hunk or a beautiful girl who works in your office. You are totally attracted by the charm, and now you are all set to go and talk to that person. After talking to that person, you realized that the person stammers. Similarly, in technical terms the exterior beauty is known as the interface wherein the way that person responds, such as the habits or mannerism is what the experience they render.

The outlook of your website is the user interface wherein the next phase is to create a highly functional and engaging website.

UX Design Is Way More Than UI Design

There are a lot of firms that offer UI design interface and can also create online pages for rendering specific functions. This is something quite plain without having a strategy for UX design and doing so would be similar to starting to build a skyscraper without a map.

Looking at the holistic view, you need to know that what kind of overall experience your application should render. We are now not just concerned about how an application works, but we now need to focus how different system work in tandem with each other as the "Internet Of Things" is growing in functionality.

Now who came on to whom?

Should UI be a part of UX design strategy or, it should be vice versa and, this can supposedly be the next chicken and egg question.

However, being into designing fro quite some time now, I opine that user experience must be taken as the prime strategy, and the rest of the things must be built on it. When it comes to the complete strategy you need to pay heed to a lot of things such as content positioning, usability testing, storytelling and smooth navigation are some important things to consider. In short, just assigning a good designer to make your UX design is not sufficient.

You Will Not Find A Definitive Standard UX Process

Although, UX design has become the talk of the town, there is no set pattern or standard flow of events that one needs to incorporate in your UX design strategy. This is quite evident as we know that every design project is unique in its respect. This might be difficult for some people who like to follow a stereotypical process that has become a tried and tested formula for people. This is what I feel is the essence of user experience as this helps you to distinguish your development with your contemporaries.

Do not clutter your website

One of the most important points that you need to know is that you need not obfuscate your website with a lot of functionalities. Adopt simplicity in the interface but do render a smooth user experience. Giving your users a lot of choices is a good thing to do but this might end up confusing them and will end up irking them considering the mobile websites.

Moreover, it has also been seen that users are more likely to purchase a product or service if they are do not get cluttered with a lot of choices. Providing a simple user interface will also help you render a great user experience to the users who will improve your chances of increasing your conversion rate.

Pay heed to minutest detail is a keystone

Minimalistic design is something that is trending, and another thing that you need to pay attention to is to the details. To be progressive in your web business, you need to know where the users are feeling uncomfortable while browsing your website. Doing so will help you to improve your performance and eventually your conversion rate. Moreover, if something goes wrong then make sure to inform them that you are aware of it and working to rectify it.

The long and Short!

Experimentation, innovation and creativity are what UX design aims at. So, if you are dedicated and committed to these three pillars, then there is no stopping for you.

Author Signature: Maria Mincey, Software developer at Xicom Technologies software development company. They deliver comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.