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At JJGates we offer a wide array of services to meet the gate needs of the DFW community. Our services include custom design, installation, and repair of residential gates, openers, and access control systems. We know and understand the importance of being versatile and putting the needs of customers first. Therefore, no matter what contractors installed your gate automation, we can and will provide repairs, or will install a new one if necessary

The website is build on Sanity headless CMS and GatsbyJS as Javascript framework. Combined with Algolia Search it delivers a website that is behaving like a web application. No complicated deploys with databases and servers, just a bunch of files that can be deployed easily on dozens of services. The site loads superfast, scales to the Internet and is unhackable.

Key features include:

  • React
  • GatsbyJS
  • Sanity Headless CMS
  • WebriQ App

We wanted to take a moment to thank the WebriQ team for all of their help and explanations throughout the process of getting our website rebuilt and published. They have been extremely helpful and we are very happy with the result. We hope to continue to work with them moving forward and would highly recommend their services. They definitely deliver! Thanks again from the JJ Gates Inc Team!

JJ Gates Inc