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Focus On The Customer - That's How You Win

Season 1, Ep. 13·
clock-iconAugust 08, 2022

In this episode of The Headless Marketing Show, we are talking about the importance of the Frontend.

Our guest Michael C Lamb talks about what he sees a lot of companies miss. They have company experiences and not customer experiences. He sees many firms deploy experiences with all these things put up in front of the user that doesn't bring value to the customer and that causes friction.

What is the Frontend?

The frontend is anywhere your brand interacts directly with your customers. Social media channels, email, websites, landing pages etc.

Michael didn't mince words. Customers don't care about what database you are using, your CRM, or your CMS. None of that stuff matters to them. They care about finding good reliable and valuable information that they need to make good decisions. They care about the experience. Is it easy to work with a brand or is it endless popups and forms and poor content and low-quality experiences?

We talked at length about the attention data we should be watching and changing the way we manage our KPIs. Likes, Impressions, page views, and email submissions don't really drive revenue. We should be tracking how customers use the experience. We should be tracking how our frontend is connected to our pipeline and revenue. Using those kinds of KPIs puts a lot more focus on the customer.

Focus On The Customer - That's How You Win

In his final piece of advice, Michael summed up the whole episode nicely and we have our title for the show! Enjoy a deeper dive into making better experiences for your customers. Changing your mindset in how you go about setting up experiences and measuring experiences and keeping the frontend the most important element of your experiences.

Who Is Michael C. Lamb?

Michael C Lamb is the President & Co-founder of nativeMsg, a messaging-first platform supporting emerging and existing messaging, social, and display ad channels making them more effective and robust.

By bringing app-like functionality into the text messaging experience, RCS (Rich Communication Services) Messaging takes the outdated "texting" experience making it even more effective and robust. RCS -

Conversational Ads eliminate the need for a user to leave the page, keeping their attention while allowing them to interact directly inside the ad unit immersed in your brand. Conversational Ad -

The nativeMsg platform enables eCommerce merchants to move their store(s) closer to the consumer - increasing conversions & engagement while capturing valuable zero and first-party data.