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Compose Your Technology Around Your Business

Season 1, Ep. 14·
clock-iconAugust 09, 2023

Compose Your Technology Around Your Business

Guest: Matt Vendermolen, Vice President of Commerce and Composable at Valtech


Welcome to another gripping episode of "The Headless Marketing Show," where we unravel the mysteries of modern marketing strategies and innovations.

The Power of Composable Commerce:

In this episode, we're joined by digital innovation leader Matt Vendermolen to explore the transformational impact of composable commerce. Delve into the contrasts between composable and traditional monolithic commerce platforms and discover why the former is taking the world by storm.

Generative AI in Commerce:

Get an insider's look into the groundbreaking implications of generative AI on commerce. Understand how artificial intelligence is shaping the way businesses operate, making them more flexible, responsive, and efficient.

Matt's Visionary Statement:

"Businesses should build their technology around their business instead of building their business around their technology; this is the power of composable." This profound idea challenges conventional thinking and paves the way for a new era in commerce.

Why Listen?

Whether you're a marketer, an entrepreneur, or just curious about the future of commerce, this episode is packed with invaluable insights. Tune in to "The Headless Marketing Show" and be part of the conversation that's shaping the future of the industry!