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Headless CMS - where can it fit in your Content Marketing Strategy

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clock-iconMarch 09, 2022

Advantages of headless CMS

Start instantly with no obstacles

There is a reason why headless CMS has been becoming a thing nowadays. There are less limitations and more spaces for creativity and seamless processes with going headless for your content management strategy. Headless CMS is often available as a service, provides a basic authoring interface that is fast and easy to learn, and your front-end team can integrate it into your existing website.

Fit into existing infrastructure

There is no need for you to change your existing delivery tier. Headless is open to all other systems including CRM and e-commerce that consume content from it—access is provided through APIs.

App-focused projects

Headless is perfect for developing web and mobile apps. It is suitable for practically any application— web, mobile, IoT, smart TV, touchscreens—to pull and push content. There will no longer be a need for you to deal with a CMS that renders HTML from templates.

With Headless CMS, you will be able to access a CMS that provides content in its simplest form via content APIs your team needs for app development.

Going into the cloud

Headless CMS is commonly offered on cloud-based platforms. For enterprises aiming to outsource their infrastructure, this means fewer upfront costs, rapid iteration for digital projects, and scalability.

Work in parallel

Teams ranging from front-end developers to back-end developers, to marketing, and to content editors, Headless CMS allows you to get started right away with your content management and work independently of one another.

Take a front-end approach

Because front-end devs can simply work with a content API, there will not be a need for them to learn the inner workings of a CMS or its templating system. The developer team can use its preferred frameworks such as Handlebars, Angular, and React, and have complete control over the end-user experience.

Re-use content: create once, publish everywhere

As there are many platforms used by a variety of people, it is only necessary for you to publish in each of them.

This is where most content creators like you got it tough in dealing with the problems of updating and having versions getting out of sync across all the platforms. Good news! Headless lets you create content in one place and use it everywhere.

Future-proof content: multichannel, omnichannel

If you want a CMS that supports content that does not contain any presentation formatting, and that can be used and re-used on any channel, no matter how much time has evolved, here is Headless CMS to do just that for you.

Drawbacks of headless

Headless brings lots of freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.

As the saying goes, with power comes responsibility. Going Headless offers you lots of freedom, but you also have to look out for some points to use it wisely.

As a project owner, you might find that you increasingly have to do it yourself with writing, debugging, maintaining, and troubleshooting code. You and your team will need to supply the features that would have come with a traditional CMS.

While many vendors in the headless space are developing their capabilities, there are things that pure headless solutions don’t do well, such as asset management, navigation, security, workflow, access control, categorization, and link management.

Content authoring tends to be primitive, as editors are often restricted to entering content in rigid forms. The experience of creating content is limited and editors may have to get used to doing without WYSIWYG.

A preview function was non-existing until recently but has been solved with Headless CMS's like Sanity and Gatsby plugins to render a preview on content changes.

Choose WebriQ DXP STUDIO

If this is all a bit overwhelming and you need help in choosing all the building blocks, and your in-house capabilities are just not up to the job, WebriQ DXP Studio might be a good option to consider.

We have developed a very convenient way of implementing websites, custom landing pages, and microsite builders. We completely moved away from a monolithic, legacy and centralized approach.

We believe in a decentralized approach whereby each software component is chosen for it is best in class, but at the same time replaceable with a newer best in class if needed.

We are strong supporters of the API economy and we strongly believe in microservices when it comes to functionality and automation. We aim at 100% serverless operation, and we know how to do that.

We also aim for 100% uptime and, yes, we know what it takes to achieve this. We are highly specialized, and opinionated when it comes to the technology stack used.

Seeing and using is believing

We have worked very hard in the last months, to give writers, editors, and basically, anyone that is involved in updating and managing content on a website the chance to experience a Content Management System (CMS) that rocks.

Request access for the Webriq DXP Studio today.

You will receive an email with instructions regarding what you can do to log in smoothly.

Be able to manage, update and publish content on your website. All this without the stress of breaking the code or breaking the bank.

Just create that landing page or microsite that you need, write your content away, and let us know what you think!