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Mistakes to Prevent When Designing Your Website

clock-iconJuly 24, 2018

Over the years, mobile engagements have become more common as the new age of technology made the e-commerce industry smarter. Colorado, which is the 6th State for Business according to CNBC’s 11th annual “America’s Top States for Business” study, is categorized as one of the best places for innovation and technology.

Because of this, web design Colorado professionals, especially here at WebriQ, are very keen on developing effective websites. But, of course, you as the website owner would want to know what’s going on as well. So that you will achieve your desired results, not only should you know the positive things but the pitfalls to avoid as well. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when having your website designed.

Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Designing a Website

Through experiences, most businesses believe that a responsive web design is very helpful in increasing their sales. It is because of the fact that their marketing campaigns won’t only reach desktop users but smartphone and tablet users as well. If you agree with them, then make sure that you know the following common mistakes your web designers might do that will lead to your website not working as it should be.

Cluttered Homepage

A homepage is where you find the different tabs that will lead you to other pages of your website. It also comes with a headline which will help your visitor find what they’re looking for. Depending on your products, if your homepage has almost anything under the sun without delivering the answers to the user’s needs, then, you’d be expecting your website visitors to leave just before they see your products.

Unadaptable User Interface

Over 60% of online searches come from mobile platforms. Make sure then that end up with a responsive website design, something that will show up great on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.


Irrelevant Widgets

While widgets are beneficial for your website, adding too much of them will add too much weight on your website. As this happens, it might become difficult or it may take too long for your website to load. This won’t be a good sign for website engagements. If you badly need to add some widgets, make sure that you only get those which are relevant, responsive, and secure.

Missing Search Box

Since your website is like a virtual brochure with lots of information about your company and your products, a search box must be seen on it. Also, make sure that you carefully study and link the search keywords correctly to any of your web page. In other words, the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) must be regarded greatly.

Lacking Call-To-Action and Contact Page

If you hire professionals who offer web design as a service, always check that the call-to-action tab and Contact Page must be easily accessible and relevant for your business. These two small yet major parts of your website will help you lead visitors to sign up for emails and buy your products.

Inapplicable Visuals and Overall Design

When talking about the overall design of the website, the color schemes, contrast between the site field and fonts, as well as the content must be blended right in order to become enticing enough to drive engagements. Irrelevant visuals and content are usually the causes of higher bounce rates or poor engagements.


Contact Colorado Springs Web Design Experts Near You

To get the best website that you expect, make sure that you only trust a designer with remarkable market experience and a number of satisfied customers. Do a little research about the team of professionals who will be working for you.

In WebriQ, we are proud to say that we are a highly competent Colorado Springs web design team who can give you a great quality and responsive website. We got the best team of web designers and customer service professionals who can attend to your needs in a short turnaround time. For inquiries, you can always contact us at +1 719 425 8944.