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Market Your Small Business Accordingly – Make Sure You Reach Your Consumers On Every Platform

clock-iconAugust 03, 2017

Getting Started

Marketing is the very essence of being able to sell to a customer. Without marketing, product creators and service providers would have a really hard time getting any recognition for their work, not to mention a lot less money for it. It is very important to market your brand properly or else you just won’t have that big of a crowd being aware of your existence.

That being said, many companies and small businesses don’t use the full potential of the internet or even of traditional means of marketing. They only rely on one or two popular platforms to put their products on the map. That’s the wrong way to go about it. Here are some of the top marketing solutions you might have left out or weren’t even aware existed.


Pinterest is a very neat platform where people post, share and like different types of pictures that come from all sorts of places from the digital space. Pinterest is mostly based on concepts and ideas, transposed in visual representatives. Anything from character designs to interior decoration ideas can be found on this platform. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, you might find it useful to post and share your product here.


LinkedIn is pretty much like the unofficial business edition of Facebook. Here, business owners, as well as people within the business sector, can swap information and get in touch with one another. No matter what your profession or interests are, you can find like-minded individuals. LinkedIn also acts as a business card of sorts, as sharing your profile can give the biggest companies access to your information and attributes. It’s a platform, not every small business takes into account.


When you think about online marketing, how often does the word “blog” come to mind? The truth about blogs is that they are one of the leading forms of influence online thanks to their highly influential writer. Often times, a very successful blogger will be able to carry your marketing messages and promotions across to a huge following. People love to read what bloggers have to say, and if a blogger were to say how great your product is, that would be a very good position for you. That’s why it’s a very good idea to invest in marketing your stuff on blogs.


Reddit is like a centralized hub where people from all over the world meet and debate every single topic under the sun. There are things called subreddits where basically the portion of the Reddit community that wants to talk about a very specific subject can congregate. Reddit is an amazingly vast community and platform in general as it seems to have no borders. As a result, marketing your services on Reddit can garner a lot of attention, especially since it is the kind of platform where posts have to chance of going viral.