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Jam Stack your Wordpress CMS in to the Closet

clock-iconMay 13, 2019

Most organizations with little or no in-house skills on web design and web development decide to put their digital content on a monolithic Content Management System. The kind of do-it-all in one software approach. Typical examples of those monolithic CMS systems popular with businesses are Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Beyond the do-it-all in one system approach, these systems have many flaws, are mostly too complex for the needs of the businesses and are hacked quite a bit. And if they are hacked, you could potentially loose your entire window to the world. Not a happy perspective.

In an ideal world, each company should have a custom made website with dynamically generated content backed by a CMS. It would be light-weight, deployed once per update, and updates by a tool that just does the updates, not everything. It would be rendered statically through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) just as your video streaming from Netflix or Hulu.

Having a Jam Stack website is fun and all, but how would a non-technical person edit content there? As always, there are multiple solutions available.

A better approach would be to choose one of the many available CMS systems, that are suited to go with the Jam Stack.

API Driven CMS

This concept is used by WebriQ GLUE. It’s a CMS that allows you to create an API for your website, without coding. It doesn’t require a static site generator to work. With this approach, we will have to send asynchronous requests to our API on each website visit, to always serve fresh content. WebriQ GLUE is gluing together the entire workflow of dynamic content updates, and rebuilding the site each time an update occurs -- the site is statically rendered and served uniquely to each individual viewer through a content delivery network. Totally safe and secure.

Git-Based CMS

This concept is used by WebriQ goes Mad. This CMS work as a Graphical User Interface for GIT. You can write posts through an admin panel, and under the hood, after saving, the CMS will commit your post to the code repository, and trigger a re-deploy of your website. A Git based CMS is simpler to set-up, update and maintain and is the preferred solution for companies that have no or little in-house content management resources.

An outdated website can dramatically decrease conversions. Retro, cluttered designs distract visitors from the conversion point; lack of modern upgrades can make a client lose faith in your business. You may not need all latest trends mentioned. But what you must have is a super fast, secured, reliable and scalable website that is designed for Mobile Browsers First and that can work offline in poorly covered areas . The choice between hiring a web agencies or an individual developer comes down to budget $$$$. Again in an ideal world you would hire a web agencies for all design and marketing aspects and a talented individual developer that is up to date with the latest web development techniques. Beyond the cost will be the time you as a busy entrepreneur will have to spent on gluing the project together to a workable day-to-day solution.

A potential middle ground is WebriQ goes Mad, with its pioneering Websites as a Service Concept (WSaaS). WSaaS provides a fundamental change in the service of web design. With WDaaS businesses can create stunning websites, landing pages, and sales funnels, without the labor and frustrations of Do-It-Yourselves tools nor the expense of a marketing agency. So you get the services of a web agency and a developer at the cost of the developer.