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Stop Using DIY Web Site Builders For Your Small Business Website

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clock-iconDecember 18, 2018

I wanted to tell you something that has been bothering me. The situation with building and improving small business websites makes me downright mad and I am wondering if the same thing is happening to you?

I’ll start with the obvious.

Having a website that engages visitors, works for your business, and builds trust in your brand is a must for your business. Duh! Tell me something I don’t know. Right?


DIY Websites can be a disaster

But how do you go about building a website? It is supposed to be easy.

There are hundreds of DIY tools out there that you can use to slap a website together in just a few minutes. Sounds easy.

Heck, it is so easy the internet is full of self-help blog posts, e-books, and webinars all about how you can create your own website!!

Sure it sounds easy — until you’ve tried it.

Does this sound familiar?

“I built a website myself! But, My website looks bad, doesn’t really work well, and I have no clue how to make it better…”

This was me. Maybe it is you.

Still, the DIY industrial complex offers additional resources. I am sure you have seen them.

There is a sea of website audits, classes and books you can use to learn how to build a website yourself. Sometimes you even have to shell out your hard earned money to learn how to Do-It-Yourself.

Makes you wonder if you should change your career. I mean you need a website to showcase your business so you can grow your customer base and build a business, but this is becoming a major time suck.

Fully engaged in your DIY website suddenly you feel like a slave to your website overlord.


Don't Get Mad - Go Mad!

It doesn’t just affect your business it bleeds over into your nights and weekends too. Your DIY website can rob your family of your presence and attention. No cool.

Without intending it you find yourself spending more time struggling with your website than serving your customers and building your business. It all seems backward, doesn’t it?

Or worse! You struggled through the DIY dilemma and got something up on the internet but the process was such a pain why update it. If you don’t login in you can’t screw it up right? Out of sight out of mind.

You are either beating your head against the website or avoiding it entirely neither is a great place to be.

I felt the same way!

I have struggled with so many DIY tools in vain. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly the list is embarrassingly long. Making a website that worked for my business was tough going alone.

But going with a professional was so much money. Upfront no less! Most of the designers I could barely afford would have used the same DIY tools I was struggling with. How is that a better choice?

I was stuck in a DIY dilemma. There had to be a better way to build a website!

I didn’t have the time or experience to do it myself.

I could barely afford to work with a freelancer who would basically sell me a nicer version of the website I had struggled to build on a DIY tool.

No way could I afford the high-end agency that would do all of it for me…


I was a sad, sad little clown.

I was stuck. Given you’re still reading, I assume you are stuck too. Perhaps the situation has you getting mad. I know I was.

So I did something about it.

I assembled a team of rogues, misfits, and ne’er-do-wells and we set out to make a better way for small businesses to build websites.

We focused on the two biggest issues facing the DIY website. Access to cost-effective and experienced labor and high-quality technical support.

We created WebriQ Goes Mad and developed a collaborative approach to building hi-tech websites that engage, work and build trust for our customers.

How do we do this?

First, we work with you to design and deploy a custom website without collecting project or build fees.

Second, we offer unlimited changes to the website for forever.

Third, we offer above average project management and customer support.

Fourth, we provide full-proof hosting and security services.

Fifth, we have a strong grasp of computer codes and scripts and we provide SEO friendly websites out of the box.

But the biggest thing we do is we meet our customers where they are. We’ve been in your shoes. Your frustrated and mad with the situation. We’ve been mad too.

It is why our motto is: “Don’t Get Mad — Go Mad!

You can Go Mad at any budget. We can start simple and scale up to crazy complex.

We built a service and technology stack that can grow with you and adapt to your needs.

Start with a simple website. As you grow we can help with content marketing, newsletters, ChatBots, Marketing Automation. You dictate and control the process we simply augment your vision.

It is the essence of collaboration.

We don’t believe in Do-It-Yourself but we are huge fans of Do-It-With-You.

Think of us as Iron Man’s suit. We don’t overshadow you - we support and help you. We give you a much-needed boost.

Interested to hear what our customers have to say? I thought you’d ask.

“WebriQ Goes Mad is a really fantastic company that does all the technical stuff of building and maintaining a website yet empowers the customer to be in full control.” “Imaginative, dedicated, and experienced team of professionals, ahead of their time, and all to my benefit. I love these guys!” “They were very patient with me getting started and helped me figure out what I wanted. They have different plans that work with individuals budgets. Having a personal website is so valuable for my business and they even help me post my blogs, which I love!”

If you are tired of the DIY dilemma and this seems like a way better to build your website. HINT: It is!

Then click the link below. Give us your name and email. Schedule a call with me. I won’t waste your time.

Let’s Build a Website Together.

WebriQ Goes Mad

We are pioneering the Web Design as a Service concept (WDaaS) — WDaaS provides a fundamental change in the service of web design.

With WDaaS businesses can create stunning websites, landing pages, and sales funnels, without the labor and frustrations of Do-It-Yourselves tools nor the expense of a marketing agency.

Want to learn more? Visit our Website