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Chatbots: The Future of Digital Marketing Strategy

clock-iconJanuary 15, 2019

The advent of AI technology has transformed the way people and businesses do things. One example of that is with the arrival of bots. It has completely altered how digital marketers develop their strategy if they want to stay ahead of the curve. Bot-powered commerce, such as the use of chatbots, is the new standard.

Developing a Potent Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you interested in dipping your toes in the use of chatbots for digital marketing? Or are you looking for other opportunities to exploit the use of chatbots? Read on to find strategies that you can incorporate into your own e-commerce business for higher chances of success.

Boost Mobile Marketing

Chatbots started out as mobile-only tools. In 2019, you can use this opportunity to exploit the mobile capabilities of chatbots to tap into potential markets for your business. The success of mobile apps is a bigger incentive for you to pursue this strategy.

One technique you can develop is to create mobile apps for your business. This mobile app should be integrated with chatbot capabilities so that your customers can get the same support and interaction as on your website. The purpose of the chatbot is to provide answers to frequently asked questions. It should also be smart enough to provide recommendations to customers, regardless of what information is being sought.

The best part about integrating chatbots into your mobile campaign is that this is where you will find a huge percentage of your customers. With mobile users projected to exceed desktop users, there is a huge potential waiting to be tapped here.

Increasing Engagement with Chatbots

Strategizing for e-commerce success

Social media has been, and will continue to be, a powerful marketing platform for businesses to exploit. It has been a reliable tool for branding and propagating your marketing message to reach a wider audience. It only makes sense for digital marketers to want to implement chatbots as part of their marketing strategy. The reason behind this is that communication is what fuels the success of brands on social media. Your ability to communicate and engage with your audience can spell a difference in the success (or not) of your social media campaigns.

It is true that the ability to communicate with brands in real-time has helped foster growth for e-commerce businesses. Chatbots makes it easier for your audience to obtain information about your brand and its products. The advanced chatbot systems these days employ a deep learning network that identifies speech, text, and data patterns. This will enable the chatbots to provide accurate results when interacting with your audience. Using AI technology, you can leverage this tool to enhance customer service and make your customers feel heard. Whether your audience is in need of solutions to a problem or has inquiries about certain products, the AI chatbot can address all that in a timely manner.

While the chatbot tool in social media was launched in 2016, much of its development is still ongoing. But this tool is already creating an equal playing field for smaller businesses to compete with bigger businesses.

Analytical Insights

Chatbots are more than just a tool for communication. To improve your digital marketing strategy, you can also utilize them as analytical tools. Here are some of the ways chatbots can help you analyze your customers:

Gather information about your customers and establish a customer profile Study the purchasing patterns of customers to see what motivates their buying decisions Analyze how customers are interacting with your brand Understand the level of engagement that you are getting from customers

The analytical insights you can get from chatbots is something that you can capitalize on for your business. You can tweak your marketing message or approach according to the information you gather about your customer behavior and preferences. You can even use the information to personalize the shopping experience of your customers.

Measure and Quantify Results

Analyzing business result and strategic performance

This is one of the best strategies that digital marketers have employed with the use of chatbots, and you should, too. Measuring results is often the most difficult aspect of marketing. With the advent of chatbots like Surveybot, you can measure data more accurately. Surveybot works by sending your customers surveys that they can participate in when they complete a call to action.

The surveys are sent out when a customer makes a purchase, visits your website, signs up to a newsletter, or performs a download. This is a double-edged approach to your business analytics: to gain more customer information and to facilitate the customer journey. When all of these factors come together, you are more likely to experience higher conversion rates.


From personalized interactions to customized messaging, chatbots have transformed the way brands communicate with their audience. And with customers’ growing aversion towards overly marketed products, this is a good way to be on your customers’ good side. Make them feel that they are addressed as humans--not as customers or prospects. This simple tweak can make a world of difference in your marketing results, especially when executed properly.