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How Digital Marketing Failure Slams Business Coaches and Mentors

clock-iconNovember 24, 2017

Most, if not all business coaches and mentors are strongly recommending digital marketing to their clients, as a way of bringing in a flow of new leads - but sadly, few clients are succeeding – much to the dismay of their coaches and mentors. The problem is that human beings are very predictable. They need success, they need to experience small wins or gains or most of them will give up. According to Psychology Today, every small win gives you a spritz of dopamine, that feel-good brain chemical that is linked with motivation. A series of small wins guarantees a constant supply of dopamine, which is released during goal-oriented behavior and upon achieving a goal.

So clients need results as quickly as possible, or they become demotivated and disillusioned and blame their coach for their situation. The problem is, the coach did his or her part – they gave the client all the best advice and even showed them how to implement it. But the client just didn’t do it consistently.

Consistency is key

Consistency is the key to achieving anything. A lack of consistency is why people don’t get results at the gym or in sport or with weight loss programs. And it’s why business owners don’t get results with digital marketing. They don’t get that flood of leads and inquiries they were hoping for.

Gone are the days when you just throw a couple hundred to the Indian SEO firm and your site will appear in the top 3 matches in Google, automatically bringing you inquiries. Google has moved on and you now really have to be a genuine resource to get to the top. You need fresh content and consistent activity in different areas of the web to achieve any results. That includes answering questions on your Facebook page and interacting with people on different platforms.

It’s not always the business owner’s fault – they just get busy working in their business and don’t get the time to consistently work on their business. That’s frustrating as a coach because you want a long-term relationship with your clients – you need them to be successful, because that’s how you make your money.

Many thought this was a solution…

Many coaches are suggesting or even helping their clients get virtual assistants (VA’s) in countries like the Philippines. Great idea, as it frees the business owners up from all the mundane social media chores they never get around to doing. Those mundane chores that create consistent movement and mean the difference between success and failure.

But more often than not, this plan fails. Why? Because of VA’s are not consistent. When they’re working from a home environment, people in countries like the Philippines have plenty of distractions – most live with large families, with many members not working. Then there are friends chatting on Facebook, Fiestas to go to – and an endless parade of doctors who will tell them to stop work and rest every time they experience a minor illness. That said, you will find good ones – people with a good work ethic, who have been smart enough to remove distractions – But you may find that they are in the process of immigrating to a western country where their skills are in demand. So after a few months of enjoying an extremely productive relationship, you have to go back to the drawing board.

This really is the solution

But what if you took those VA’s and put them into an office environment without distractions? Then what if you systematised their tasks so that they could work more efficiently and effectively? You would then have the solution. An affordable skilled resource to take care of the regular, mundane aspects of digital marketing. That’s exactly what we did at WebriQ. We brought a team of bright, capable VA’s together in an office environment and created a system for them to work with. As they are accessing client accounts, we ensured they had police clearances and were of good character.

This is not a set-and-forget solution by any stretch of the imagination – The business owner must still drive their digital marketing, come up with campaign ideas, advertising and answer queries on their website or in social media. But we do the rest. We basically take care of all the tasks that business owners typically neglect, to their detriment. So if you’re a business coach or mentor who is completely frustrated with clients not getting results and then leaving,

REQUEST A QUOTE for our business digital marketing package and see how it can help your clients. As an extra bonus: You may qualify to earn a generous commission on all the services your clients subscribe to.