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Essential Components of a Minimalist Web Design

clock-iconJune 06, 2019

Minimalism, also known as the art of less, is a popular approach used by modern website designers. The idea is to use “the bare minimum” and eliminate any unnecessary elements to the overall design. If you aspire to have a minimalist business website, you need to work with Colorado Springs web design professionals. To the uninitiated, all websites are the same. Only professionals know what it takes to build a website that not only meets your criteria of design, but also delivers in performance.

What Qualifies as a Minimalist Website?


You might have heard about minimalist websites before, but have you considered implementing this design onto your own website? If you have, it is important to identify what qualifies as a minimalist website. Here are some of its defining characteristics:

  • The use of flat patterns and textures
  • Limited or monochromatic color palette
  • Maximized negative space
  • Large Background Image/Video
  • Hidden navigation
  • Grid layout

A common theme with a minimalist web design is the use of negative space. The negative space is incorporated into the design in order to manipulate the visual flow of the website user. According to experts, the more negative space is available on a website, the more the user gets visually stimulated from it. This is what the concept of a minimalist web design is hinged on – the ability to use only a few but powerful elements.

The use of negative space is not enough; large and vivid photography is most welcome, too. Oversized photographs create more visual impact. When you use high quality images, it also brings emotional connection with the audience. Again, it goes back to the pointer mentioned above about using only a few elements but making sure they can make an impact.

Considering these elements, it is important to emphasize the need to work with professionals. They are skilled individuals who can offer web design as a service. The right professionals will have the expertise and experience in building a minimalist yet responsive web design. Based on their experience, they can also offer professional and expert advice on what elements may (or may not) work.

WebriQ – the Leader in Colorado Springs Web Design


Image Source: Apple

At WebriQ, we know that websites reflect what your business can do! We want to help you leave a good impression on your target audience by building sites that you can be proud of. We have a team of professionals who employ the latest web design trends and technologies.

The web design services we have to offer incorporate some elements of marketing – because we know that your website is the best way to advertise your business. Our commitment is to help deliver a site that is not only easy to navigate, but also performs! We believe that a strategic and minimalist design can help achieve that goal.

Are you ready to find out what the buzz is about on WebriQ’s web design services? You can visit our homepage here to get an overview of what we offer. Or, check out our pricing. Get in touch with us today. As one of the top teams on web design Colorado, you can expect quality and professional results!