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Essential Strategies To Build A Successful E-commerce App For Business

clock-iconApril 02, 2018

Fond of buying trending apparels, beauty product, and all daily essentials online? You might have reached a right place to fulfill your shopping aspirations if you can find a shopping app on a screen of your handy device. Being a shopaholic, you are among 64% online buyers who like to use an eCommerce app to explore several items of their choice. Why people prefer online shopping over traditional markets? What factors encourage customers for switching to mobile app? These points will answer these questions:

➢ User-friendly & convenient

➢ On-click & fast payment modes

➢ Find what you want with multiple buying options

➢ Flexibility to make returns & exchange

➢ Real-time confirmation & cancellation messages

➢ Avail discount offers & seasonal deals

➢ Get all products delivered at doorsteps within the expected timeline

People use eCommerce mobile apps for frequent online purchases whenever they feel it right time to place their orders. On the other hand, online retailers generate huge revenues with every successful order placed by their customers via feature-loaded mobile apps. No doubt, online business are flying high on the clouds of success and the contribution of mobile apps play a major role in their growth. E-commerce app development brings profits to all types of retail businesses as:

➢ People who use mobile apps for shopping purposes are increasing at an alarming rate.

➢ Around 65% of eCommerce transactions are done via mobile apps which will double this year.

Retailers discover countable advantages of a getting a mobile app to boost their revenues & raise their market share. Here are few strategies they use to implement for the success of their online shopping mobile app:

Showcasing Product Bundles

An eCommerce mobile app will never disrupt you while shopping unlike a store owner who tries to convince you to make purchases for other related items. The idea of product bundling is very profitable as retailers are selling multiple products with every successful purchase. The power of bundling plays a crucial role in the success of your eCommerce mobile app as it multiplies your sales. However, you still need to know the concept & benefits of product bundling so that you can strategize in a right way. The below-mentioned points may guide you:

Improved customer experience- Product recommendations attract customers as it symbolizes that you care about their preferences & likes. Every online shopper feels delighted when they view other related products as a combo pack without any hassle. You must allow them to add, edit, & remove items from a product bundle for fast-forward payments or successful checkouts.

Preference-based buying options- Showcasing offers & options for other products is good but too many choices may confuse buyers to change their decision. So, product bundles will help in the mitigating mental efforts while choosing one product from two items. Product bundle can deal with all circumstances of decision exhaustion faced by buyers.

Explore Product Before Purchase- Product bundling offers various options to explore & understand a product or service before the purchase. Customers can rely on your eCommerce mobile app if they know that for what they are paying for.

Idea Product Upsale & Cross-sale

The concepts of upselling & cross-selling is a splendid approach to increase your profits. Retailers enjoy the advantage of this eCommerce mobile app strategy as both of them encourage buyers to avail the best offer with every purchase. So, are you excited to know that how product upselling works?

If you put a product on upsale, it means that you are offering a complementary option to purchase an item that is better than the previous one. Sometimes, customers change their minds & purchase more expensive product as they find it more useful & right for them.

So, you can showcase upsell button or “customers also shopped” option to display related products with value-added features. On the other hand, cross-selling facilitates customers to check out more complementary products from different categories. Cross-sale via online shopping mobile app generates increased revenues for every eCommerce business and you can implement this strategy as it raises the chances of more sales.

Social Media Interactions

Social networking platforms benefit retailers to reach out their potential customers & target audience. You can fly high with your eCommerce mobile app if you know how to influence your customers to come & enjoy fascinating shopping experience with you.

Start Email Campaigns For Mobile App

Make sure that your customers are able to get on your mobile app via emails. Marketers implement email campaigning strategy to promote your product or service as they give major preferences to deep linking. Email links present a route to direct users from your eCommerce website to mobile app which is a right way to succeed in your online retail business.

Sum up!

The success of your eCommerce business is in your hands as you have to strategize to face all challenges of this ever-evolving eCommerce industry. However, all above strategies will definitely work to extend the user base of your mobile app & raise its revenue generation rates. So, it’s time to go for it.


Ashni Sharma works as an eCommerce app developer at AppsChopper. The above technical write-up reflects her competency & skills in eCommerce mobile app development & their success.