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clock-iconMarch 31, 2020


    The economy is about to restart, but a back to normal from before the crisis is unlikely to happen quick.

    But what is the “new normal”, and how to adapt to the new normal. If you prepare yourselves, and learn some lessons from the last weeks, you will win customers a lot faster than those who do not adapt to the new normal. The economy took a huge hit, and it’s going to need time to fully recover. When the economy reopens, you’re going to need good deals to reel in new customers. In the new normal, even consumers who didn’t personally take a hit, like losing their job or taking a pay cut, will still be more cost conscience. Deals will be expected for a while in the new normal. Without them, new customers will go somewhere else if they feel they’re getting a better deal.

    New experiments in Food delivery and dining - In this competitive market, just having a delivery operations team will no longer be sufficient. Restaurants will need to step up and rethink their business models to outperform the sector. Although we already see higher-priced names in the industry joining the food delivery game, I forecast the introduction of at-home dining experiences and the hiring of personal chefs in the post-coronavirus world.

    What is a loyal customer in the new normal - During this crisis, people were forced out of their comfort zones to get what they needed. They also bought from places that they felt were “safe” to buy from. People used apps to order their groceries for curbside pick up or delivery. And if their favorite brands were not available, their local grocers substituted similar products, which literally forced people to try (and like) new brands. Many of your loyal customers may have developed new loyalties during this crisis and preferences are hard to break. Plan on replacing some of your “loyal” customers who have moved on with new customers as soon as you re-open.

    Customers who are more health conscience are headed your way. Every local business should put an emphasis on extra cleaning – especially your restrooms. And restaurants should be extra careful as well. Bad online reviews regarding cleanliness will be show stoppers for new customers with higher standards. Service companies should continue to use shoe covers and sanitize any areas they’ve worked on to make customers feel comfortable. In the end, it’s all about how your customers “feel.”

    New expectations of paying online won’t go away. When the new normal arrives, customers will still have expectations of convenience and “safety” of booking and paying online. Businesses who offered these services during COVID kept business flowing more than others who didn’t. Business owners will have to adapt just to keep up in the new normal. This crisis trained consumers to push more buttons to get the things they needed without human interaction. A good portion of your potential customers will continue this expectation from now on.


    Make it ridiculously easy to place and pay for an order - in person, on the phone and online. If you do not have your website set up to take online orders, now is the time. Older generations are discovering what millennials have known for years — it is very easy and convenient to order your dinner online, pick it up and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. This is going to be your new normal. Even after the crisis is over, your clients are going to want the convenience of takeout and delivery. Making the change now will not only help you survive in the short term, but it will also help you thrive in the long term.

    *Communicate, communicate, communicate *- Don’t rely only on social media to communicate with your best customers. Reach out to them through your website, online shop for deals, with personal letters, emails, even calls, and texts. Let them know you’re open, that you have safe practices and that their business means more to you now than ever. Be positive, helpful and informative.

    WebriQ and Websites as a Service can help you adapt to the new normal;