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DXP Studio Beta Launch! WebriQ's Landing Page Builder and Microsite Builder

clock-iconJuly 06, 2021

Last Friday, WebriQ Beta launched its first full niche product - DXP Studio.

Take a good look at how DXP Studio marketing teams can build omnichannel experiences in minutes, not days or weeks. Request access now to build landing pages and microsites faster!

WebriQ is essentially positioned as a service company in its current format, leveraging the most modern web building techniques and platforms to provide our customers and customers with a digital experience worth the name.

WebriQ provides website building and hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes in order to give them an online presence they can be proud of. We specialize in e-commerce development, so even if you are only running your business out of one room or office space - we will still help make it accessible virtually anywhere around the globe 24 hours a day 7 days per week through our easy-to-use interface on any internet-connected device including smartphones, tablets, and laptops!

Besides being a service company, we are bootstrapping niche Jamstack applications such as WebriQ DXP Studio, WebriQ Forms, and WebriQ Payment Forms.

As a bootstrapped company, we focus on customer success, lifestyle, and profitability instead of solely focusing on growth and valuation. Without the VC's model's incentive and pressure, it allows us to be independent and highly price-conscious. At the same time, we can stay in control over our technology platform and focus on critical user-centric measures.

With DXP Studio, we deliver on the mission of the company.

Deliver your digital experiences to the right person on the right device at the right time.

The Problems DXP Studio solves

Many marketing teams rely heavily on a myriad of different campaigns to help reach a target audience. They deliver these campaigns through various landing pages and microsites. This can be a significant technical challenge as they may use many different tools and service providers to help them deliver these experiences. They may have their content in multiple places and unorganized and lack a clear workflow to get their experiences developed and designed with a final copy to be approved for publication.

Personalization and omnichannel content marketing will be the subsequent significant norm for digital marketing and customer engagement. Businesses are understaffed in the development department, and much of the current content is siloed in different places. There is a lack of technical capability to create an own bespoke Digital Experience Stack.

WebriQ is not a company you would typically think of when it comes to doing web design and development. Instead, we are interested in bringing the most modern digital experience for your customers through leveraging new technologies that continue to evolve with each passing day.

WebriQ offers an experience for customers that goes beyond what they are accustomed to. Utilizing the latest web building techniques and platforms, WebriQ is able to provide a digital experience worthy of its years of technical knowledge and diverse team of experts.

How DXP Studio solves these problems

WebriQ provides a serviced landing page and microsite builder with our DXP Studio. With this tool, marketing teams can manage content in a single place and publish pages and microsites at scale. With our serviced approach, we offer unlimited traffic, conversions, and design services.

Shortcomings in staffing and technical knowledge are overcome with the personalization capabilities of DXP Studio at the edge of the network.

Features of DXP Studio

WebriQ provides an easy way to create your own websites without any coding or technical experience required on your end as we offer all of that service-based convenience under one roof - literally, everything you need is available right from within WebriQ's website builder platform so there are no other external plugins needed.

  • No code software tool
  • Reusable structured content with real-time editing and collaboration capabilities
  • Instant as-you-type previews
  • Serverless Forms and Payment Forms
  • Git Workflow for unlimited freedom
  • Data integration and automation through webhooks
  • Cloud-based with 99.99% uptime
  • Enterprise-grade security, reliability, and scale

What can you expect?


Fast go to market. We'll migrate your landing pages and any custom development or integration needed for a branded experience.


Unlimited pages, storage, traffic, and URL options for your business-critical landing pages and microsites. With an unlimited number of web and e-commerce landing pages or Forms to support all areas of your company's marketing efforts.

Cutting edge technologies

  • No code tool that saves time and money on development
  • Use cutting edge technologies to create pages in minutes
  • Content Platform powering customer experiences instead of templates
  • Git Workflow for unlimited freedom, which makes consistency with the team
  • Enterprise-grade security, reliability, and scale

Reliable SLA

99.99% uptime - Fully Cloud-based - Advanced Help Desk Support


  • WebriQ Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Data automation through webhooks
  • Payment forms powered by Stripe

DXP Studio is currently invite-only.

Request your sandbox account HERE

DXP Studio helps you place the right content for the right person on the right device at the right time. See how it works here.