E-commerce Solution for

Swampfox Optics


Creating A Composable Commerce Solution For A Manufacturing Company

Swampfox Optics was unhappy with the performance of their ecommerce website and needed help upgrading their pagespeed and user experience.


Swampfox Optics had built a strong social media presence and was growing their direct to consumer sales channel on their website but they were completely built into a monolithic platform. They were using BigCommerce for everything. Commerce management as well as content management and hosting. The website was underperforming in pagespeed and the design was substandard. They lacked internal resources in both marketing and development and needed help in a multi-disciplinary sense.


We migrated their content over to our studio and rebuilt their entire front end to improve both the page speed performance of the website but also greatly improve the user experience of the website. We did not need to use a new commerce tool but instead implement BigCommerce via API as a headless commerce solution.

By decoupling the design and content from the commerce as well as the hosting we removed all the inflexibility they were accustomed to when they were stuck on a platform for their ecommerce. We were able to really customize the checkout and layer in other tools in their marketing stack without having to deal with complex and performance draining plugins. Instead their CRM and other marketing tools are implemented via APIs as microservices.

This also allowed them to implement new checkout procedures and start to explore crypto currencies as payment options for their goods. Additionally the robust nature of serverless operations made their major sales events much more scalable. They have been able to grow their page views, visitors and sales over 9X in less than a year.

They’ve also been able to build up their internal marketing team and effectively grow their own internal capabilities all the while leverage a future proof technology stack with an effective and supportive service agreement.