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We Are Bringing WebriQ Studio to the Market!

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clock-iconApril 12, 2022

WebriQ Studio - a limitless web publishing tool that delivers relevant, personalized content to your customers right when they need it.

WebriQ is one of the pioneers of the Jamstack and serverless applications, The company has implemented hundreds of Headless CMS and Headless e-Commerce applications since the early days of 2017.

In its current format, the company is leveraging the most modern web building techniques and platforms to provide our customers, and especially their customers with a digital experience worth the name.

As a bootstrapped company, we always had the ambition to launch niche applications within our ecosystem, which is referred to as the Jamstack. More architecture than a stack, Jamstack is designed to make applications faster, secure, and easy to scale.

The core principles of prerendering and decoupling enable applications to be delivered with greater confidence and resilience than ever before.

All the experience and expertise of building hundreds of websites and web applications based on the Jamstack architecture is culminated within the WebriQ Studio publishing tool. The product is based on the MACH alliance principles for an open and best-of-breed technology ecosystem.

WebriQ Studio is based on individual pieces of functionality that are independently developed and deployed, i.e. WebriQ Forms and WebriQ Payment Forms. All functionality is exposed through apis. A complete cloud-native environment for storage, hosting, scaling, and continuous deployment and integration. And finally, the front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic and is framework agnostic.

WebriQ Studio is a limitless publishing tool for personalized digital experiences and crystallizes all the time and energy we have spent delivering hundreds of projects based on the Jamstack and MACH philosophy.

“We started our journey based on the Jamstack philosophy in early 2017, and moved away from monolithic and enterprise suite approaches,” said Philippe Bodart, CEO of the company. “Bringing the Studio to market has been quite a feat for a bootstrapped company”, Philippe Bodart continued.

“Most products created with Jamstack methodology are built for developers” Alex Belding, CRO, explained. “The trouble is many Jamstack systems have to be glued together and they feel a lot different than what marketing teams expect. We built our studio for marketing teams. We've focused on providing a great publishing and content management experience. This is a major step in giving marketing teams the tools they need to better serve their users” Alex Belding continued.

WebriQ Studio is currently available on an invite basis only. Get your WebriQ Sandbox account today and see the wonderful difference it can make in your content creation, management, and marketing efforts.