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Boosting Responsive Web Design by Using Meta Tags

clock-iconSeptember 11, 2018

What are meta tags? For starters, these are the text elements that serve as an intro or describe your page’s content. These elements are only found in the page’s code, so they don’t appear in the page itself. In the SEO landscape, meta tags are a necessity because they orient the visitor first. In the blogging or writing industry, these tags are used by sites to tell search engines what a certain page or two is all about.

Meta tags are usually found in the head area of the HTML. There are three basic parts: title, description, and keywords. You can leave one out of the three (as the title tag is not always considered to be a tag element), but providing all of them can drive more traffic to your site.

The title tag is shown in all search engine listings. Meta description is the concise text that is used to summarize what your site or page is all about. The keyword tag is the most important - the keywords you use are the texts you need to get on or stay on top of SERPs. Keywords don’t have to be a lot, although they should be able to give a clear message about what you’re offering in your site.

How are Meta Tags Important to Maintain Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design doesn’t only focus on the visuals. A common misconception about web design in general is that it is only about colors, images, and whatnot. Content is the meat of design, the meta tags are the rest of the toppings.

You will know how responsive your website is through your meta tags. Search engines automatically read your tags to compare them with whatever visible content you have in your page.

They analyze whether your tags are related with all the content: how your keywords reflect what your brand or service is all about, whether all your keywords are found in your website or not, or if your meta description accurately fits your niche.

In crafting the tags, you must keep in mind that they should be what your page is all about. They may not hold as much weight as the rest of your site’s design, but providing them is necessary - wouldn’t you want to go higher up the search engine rankings?

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