Building a Serverless CMS Powered by Vue.js

By Philippe Bodart | Created on March 9, 2018

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a serverless Vue.js application using ButterCMS. ButterCMS is a headless CMS and blogging platform that lets you build CMS-powered apps using any programming language, including Vue.Building a Serverless CMS Powered by Vue.js is a post from CSS-Tricks

Serverless technology is bringing CMS out of the past

By Philippe Bodart | Created on February 20, 2018

The world is shifting to the cloud, but web content management systems like Wordpress are stuck in the past.

Why modern marketers and digital producers are going headless

By Philippe Bodart | Created on February 1, 2018

Every once in a while, a technology comes out that radically changes what developers can build for my fellow marketers. We hear about it at a periphery. Until we see the cool case studies though, it doesn’t mean anything to us. It’s just code and repos, which basically translates to “stuff that doesn’t help me meet my KPIs.”I’m going to highlight a technology that allows marketers and web producers to be more creative and reach more people, IF we’re willing to part with our traditional tools and ways of thinking.It’s time to lose your head. Figuratively speaking, of course. It’s time to use headless content management technologies.

Static Websites with Headless WordPress via REST API

By Philippe Bodart | Created on January 12, 2018

Static websites are great but they still need some kind of content management system. And committing Markdown files to GitHub isnt a friendly option for the majority of users including developers. So we end up using tools such as Prose, Netlify CMS or Contentful for the editing interface, user authentication and handling the media files. Usually it [] Readmore

What Is a Headless CMS?

By Philippe Bodart | Created on December 6, 2017

Theres a lot of information (and misinformation) surrounding headless content management systems. The definitions circulating online are often correct, but sometimes misleading. Theres either not enough information, or its too technical for decision makers to grasp.Continue reading...

The Benefits Of A Headless CMS

By Philippe Bodart | Created on November 28, 2017

Business users are looking to publish content updates and affect all sites and applications that use this content. This is where a headless CMS shines.

Best CMS For Your Business Blog

By Philippe Bodart | Created on September 15, 2017

Starting a business blog? Wondering how to pick the best CMS (Content Management System) for it? One of the top ways for your business to drive traffic to your website is through an engaging and optimized blog. Now, the term blogging has a completely different definition than it did many years ago. Blogs are no longer [] The post How To Pick The Best CMS For Your Business Blog appeared first on Louise Myers Visual Social Media.

Load time, static site generators & SEO: How we lowered our own site’s load time by 74%

By Philippe Bodart | Created on August 23, 2017

Google has raised the bar on site load times consistently over the last decade, and the upcoming transition to mobile-first indexing, combined with its rising expectations of mobile site performance, should be a clear warning sign to site owners.

What Do I Do: Static Websites or Wordpress?

By Philippe Bodart | Created on August 22, 2017

Two Paths There are essentially two famous techniques to take whilst making a decision to construct an internet site. You can go along with a static HTML internet site or a Content Management System (CMS) which include WordPress or Joomla. If youre new to constructing and coping with web sites, then you might wonder what

Disrupting Authoring: The Oldest Trick in the Web CMS Book

By Philippe Bodart | Created on August 3, 2017

When an industry has been around for decades, it naturally goes through waves of change. As content management grew from a way to manage static sites to the backbone of the whole enterprise experience, it’s evolved with market needs. Interfaces got ...

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